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Qflow: Branding Experts Since 1991

Branded Merchandise & Printed Promotional Products. 100% Irish owned. Located in Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. 

Qflow has over 5,000 customers.

Services include Tender Contracts, Fulfillment Contracts, Warehousing, Bulk Ordering and Pick & Pack Services. 

International supply networks.

Clients include conference & events companies, Government agencies, schools & education boards, large corporations & small businesses, sports organizations & clubs, , charities & voluntary societies.

Qflow. Talk to the Professionals!


Biodegradable Products are a better choice as they broken down easily, and can be absorbed by the soil or converted into compost.


Eco Friendly products contributes to saving the environment by not using materials that are harmful which prevents pollution.


Recycling Products helps to reduce energy usage, the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce the air and water pollution.

Eco Friendly materials

We are committed to helping to protect the environment by providing Biodegradable and Eco Friendly products and by using Recycable materials.

Wheat-straw is mainly an agricultural waste product that remains after grain or juice is extracted from the crops.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and it can replenish itself within a year with a minimum water need and without need of fertilisers to boost its growth.

Cork is the bark of the self-regenerating cork oak tree. It is ranked among the most durable organic materials with the property of stabilizing the air temperature and humidity.

Recycled fabrics are made from waste materials. Collected textile wastes are reprocessed into fibre and then back to fabrics for further re-production of bags, garments or textiles.

Glass is now more common in drinks bottles. Choose reusable bottles and cups to avoid single use items.

Paper we have introduced a new range of paper products. Choose recycled paper for your business cards and stationery.




% commitment

Qflow-all the print you need!

Qflow have always invested in the latest printing technology. Qflow print facilities include screen print, embroidery, digital print, large format print, dye sub print, rotary screen print, tampo print , and transfer print.

Qflow - in house graphic design.

Qflow’s graphic design skills makes life easier for our customers & shortens the delivery time. Qflow produces Virtual Print Proofs for all print order.

Inside Our Shop

Our website includes a vast range of products and adapts to the rapidly changing needs of Irish businesses and Organizations. We promote and suport Eco Friendly Products in responsibility of our environment.

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Unit 106c Lagan Road,

Dublin Industrial Estate,

Glasnevin, Dublin 11,

D11 P9RE, Ireland.

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